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You have a Microsoft SQL Server instance that hosts a database named DB1 that contains 800 gigabyte (GB) of data. The database is used 24 hours each day.
You implement indexes and set the value of the Auto Update Statistics option set to True.
Users report that queries take a long time to complete.
You need to identify statistics that have not been updated for a week for tables where more than 1,000 rows changed.
How should you complete the Transact-SQL statement? To answer, configure the appropriate Transact-SQL segments in the answer area.
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You administer a Microsoft SQL Server database named Contoso. You create a stored procedure named Sales.ReviewInvoice by running the following Transact-
SQL statement:
You need to create a Windows-authenticated login named ContosoSearch and ensure that ContosoSearch can run the Sales.ReviewInvoices stored procedure.
Which three Transact-SQL segments should you use to develop the solution? To answer, move the appropriate Transact-SQL segments from the list of Transact-
SQL segments to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
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